Spring Sulkfest

It’s 11:20 am on Wednesday, and I just climbed out from under the covers to write this post. Did you know that workout clothes really double nicely as pajamas? On MWF, I usually lift weights in the garage during NB2.0’s nap time, but I was in such a funk that I thought it might be better just to slip back in bed and hide under the covers, hoping that when I wake up, my Bed Time Machine will have either {Read More}

The Most Important Parenting Advice in the World … Ever.

When you have your second child, there’s an innate part of you that wants to go back and fix some of the “mistakes” from the first time around. Maybe … “mistakes” sounds too critical, but there’s definitely the thought that crosses your mind like, “Mmmm, I probably won’t layer her bangs again with child safety scissors.” Part of you may want to chillax more and enjoy the ride. Take the stick out and loosen up. You realize that you don’t {Read More}

Sending out an S.O.S.

Remember how we sleep trained Noob… once upon a time? Well, it took about 5 months, but I guess she finally caught on to our presumptuous little scheme. About a week ago, the light bulb came on in her big bobbly head. It was an ordinary evening. There weren’t any indicators that the shit was about to hit the fan. But just as I was putting her to bed, Noob Baby turned to me with this look. She stood up {Read More}

Sleep Training Complete

For those of you uninterested in CIO, Ferber, and all things sleep training, here’s a link to one of my favorite Onion articles! Hope it gets a ROFL out of ya. This post is a follow-up to our Sleep Training Adventure with Noob Baby. I’d like to share our results for the noob parents out there who have similar sleep troubles. I know when I was considering sleep training, I was searching everywhere for someone’s play-by-play. I’m anal like that. {Read More}

We (Barely) Survived Night 3 of CIO

Happy Sunday! Back from the trenches of Ferberland. Just when Noob Daddy and I were starting to get a little bit cocky that our Noob Baby might be above the curve on sleep training, she decided to wake up at 4 am and cry-it-out she did! With passion, might I add. Poor thing… She cried for an hour, and I went in and checked on her 3 times from 4-5 am. It was definitely hard, but she is learning to {Read More}

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