Mommy Is Now Entering Sleep Mode

Hey. Noob Mommy here. Remember me? Gosh, has it really been that long since my last blog post? I’ve been meaning to write… but then I fell asleep. I’ve been meaning to write… but then I watched two seasons of Californication. Who knew Fox Mulder (aka David Duchovny) was such a witty little bastard. I sit down in front of my laptop, load the blog, crack my knuckles, and then… I decide to go lift weights in the garage. When the kids {Read More}

Spring Sulkfest


It’s 11:20 am on Wednesday, and I just climbed out from under the covers to write this post. Did you know that workout clothes really double nicely as pajamas? On MWF, I usually lift weights in the garage during NB2.0’s nap time, but I was in such a funk that I thought it might be better just to slip back in bed and hide under the covers, hoping that when I wake up, my Bed Time Machine will have either {Read More}

Kids are Awkward.


I’m going to be 34 next month, and I think it’s taken me at least 30 years to finally feel comfortable with who I am. I grew up feeling out of place a lot of the time, and I definitely went through many stages of identity crisis just trying to belong. I went from Montessori to Lutheran school and finally my parents settled on public school when I was in the 4th grade because I had a difficult time making {Read More}

To Compare or Not Compare, That is the Question

NB2.0 circa 3 days ago

NB2.0 just turned 16-months-old, and the most exciting development right now (besides getting in three canines simultaneously and drooling like a bloodhound) is that she’s learning more words! Sometimes learning a new word is something she practices for about a week and then one morning she’s got it. Other times, she’ll pull a Word Ninja on us and parrot a word out of nowhere and make our jaws drop. Hi-Ya!! This morning NB2.0 was practicing the word “shoes,” which she {Read More}

The Great Baby Gate of China


Awhile ago I expressed via Facebook my dissatisfaction with our baby gate arrangement at the Noob house. Both Noob Daddy and I didn’t want to deal with babyproofing the whole house (Second Child Syndrome), so we agreed to leave our combined kitchen/family room as the demilitarization zone (free territory), and instead, install baby gates at other high value checkpoints throughout the house. Basically, those doorways were selected simply because they fit the width of our junky 5-year-old baby gates. Read: {Read More}

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