Shitzkrieg 2012

The aftermath.

That’s what I get for bringing God into it. Clearly, God chose sides today. And he was not rooting for team Mommy. I should’ve known as I was making threats this morning on our way to school that all this punishment talk was going to come back and bite me in the ass. BIG TIME. So let me set the stage here. Noob Baby asked me to make her an egg for breakfast. The egg requests are few and far {Read More}



Today was one of those Awesome-Not-Awesome days. I’m so bleery-eyed, sleep-deprived and cranky from this thing called “Motherhood Part Deux” that I can barely muster the energy to login and write this post. But…. I couldn’t resist sharing this tidbit from my day with you all … y’all (cuz this is going to be a classy post). So… let me start with the Not Awesome. My days pretty much consist of fuss-jumping back and forth until the two fusses tap {Read More}

Beautiful Ponderings on Pregnancy

Bra Slingshot

You’ve heard that saying before… Out of sight, out of mind. Well, nothing is more true when it comes to pregnancy. I was in the shower the other day when it dawned on me that I couldn’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. And it’s because everything below my monstrously large belly right now is completely “out of sight.” Needless to say I was quite intrigued at what kind of “SITUATION” was happening on the leg front. When {Read More}

Guess Who Found My Emotional G-Spot

Totally irrelevant photo courtesy of

I just finished reading a book called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I’m a little hesitant to announce this because it clearly reeks of cheese. I’m not a big fan of  “relationship” books, self-help or anything that screams “FIX ME! WEEPY GIRL AHEAD! MAXIPADS!” Ok, that was a little bit of an overblown stereotype. But seriously, if it even smells remotely like Dr. Phil from 10 feet away, I usually run in the opposite direction. However, after giving {Read More}

30 for my 30


For the last couple days, I’ve been thinking about writing a different kind of post to commemorate my birthday today. This birthday in particular has vexed me. Can you guess which number it is? I’ll give you a couple hints: 1. I just purchased this: 2. Which was subsequently followed by this: 3. And then this: Ok, smartypants. You probably guessed that I turned 30 today. But, no worries. I’m not even breaking a sweat. CLEARLY I’m totally unphased by {Read More}

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