To Compare or Not Compare, That is the Question

NB2.0 just turned 16-months-old, and the most exciting development right now (besides getting in three canines simultaneously and drooling like a bloodhound) is that she’s learning more words! Sometimes learning a new word is something she practices for about a week and then one morning she’s got it. Other times, she’ll pull a Word Ninja on us and parrot a word out of nowhere and make our jaws drop. Hi-Ya!! This morning NB2.0 was practicing the word “shoes,” which she {Read More}

Gerber Turkey Dinner Will Not Send Your Kid to Therapy: Mommy Martyrdom and Homemade Baby Food

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I have some sort of mommy bipolar disorder thing going on. Do you ever feel this way… Like one day I’m June Cleaver Super Mommy on a mission to bake bread, crochet diapers and homeschool all the children on my block. And then, as if someone’s flipped the Jekyll switch, I’m a total Mommy drop out… chain smoking by the side of the house and burning all my cookbooks as I swig Grey Goose from {Read More}

Noob Mommy’s Guide to Choosing a Preschool

A few days ago, a family member was asking for suggestions on how to find a good quality preschool — one that isn’t just a glorified day care. While it seems there is this debate between choosing a fun preschool or an academic one, there really isn’t any reason why a respectable preschool can’t be both. As a parent, you should expect learning to be exciting and engaging in any school environment. The teacher inside me cringes whenever I hear {Read More}

The Totally Terrifying Three’s

I don’t know who came up with the term Terrible Two’s, but whoever did, clearly never met my daughter. Otherwise, he would have aptly pissed on the term Terrible Two’s and immediately warned the world about its much nastier successor, the Totally Terrifying Three’s. I sort of imagined that once Noob Baby blew out the candles on her third birthday, the terrible two’s would ceremoniously be shed off like a dried up old cocoon. There would be a collective sigh {Read More}

Cavities Can Sublet: Random Musings on the Dentist’s Office

Noob Mommy Fact: I have six fewer teeth than the average adult. Besides chucking my four wisdom teeth, I had two permanents removed when I was a teenager to make way for my braces. You betta believe there was all kinds of crowd control issues happenin up in this grill. Why the Noob Mommy dental trivia you ask? Well, I went to the dentist yesterday with this sick, sad feeling in my gut that I’d have another cavity. I “braced” {Read More}

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