The Most Important Parenting Advice in the World … Ever.

When you have your second child, there’s an innate part of you that wants to go back and fix some of the “mistakes” from the first time around. Maybe … “mistakes” sounds too critical, but there’s definitely the thought that crosses your mind like, “Mmmm, I probably won’t layer her bangs again with child safety scissors.” Part of you may want to chillax more and enjoy the ride. Take the stick out and loosen up. You realize that you don’t {Read More}

E.A.S.Y Schedules Cheat Sheet: 4 Sample Baby Schedules from 4 Weeks – 1 Yr

With our second noob on the way this May, I’ve been rereading many of my parenting books with more intensity, attention and renewed trepidation. I feel like I’ve been living in the lap of luxury for the past two years with Noob Baby sleeping an average of 11 hrs at night! Did I just voluntarily sign up to sacrifice all that beauty sleep again?! And by “beauty sleep”… I mean SANITY sleep. I thought this would be the perfect time {Read More}

How to Reset Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle

Special thanks to today’s guest contributor, Nancy Parker, a former nanny who enjoys writing about parenting. Please check out her bio at the end of this post! As a new parent, it is hard to know what is natural and what should be changed. One thing that all new parents seem to suffer through is their child’s sleep cycle. If the sleep cycle is not consistent, or is consistently backwards, it can be hard on the parents. Here are six {Read More}

When E-A-S-Y is Not So Easy

As you may already know, my go-to resource for many of my early parenting questions is Tracy Hogg’s book The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems. It was Hogg’s trademark EASY routine for infants that eventually made my chaotic rookie parenting days much more … “manageable.” In a nutshell, EASY is simply structuring your baby’s day in this pattern: Eat. Activity. Sleep. Your time. *Repeat until the end of time* While it sounds like a pretty obvious routine for a {Read More}

E.A.S.Y. Schedule for 4-9 Month Olds

I recently blogged about the Baby Whisperer’s E.A.S.Y. schedule for babies under 4 months of age as one option to get your noob on a reasonable routine. However, by 4 months, babies are gradually able to transition into longer wake/activity periods, as well as eat less frequently – around every 4 hours. By getting baby used to eating every 4 hours, you’re also setting her up for an easier transition to sleep through the night (cross your fingers … ah {Read More}

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