E.A.S.Y Schedules Cheat Sheet: 4 Sample Baby Schedules from 4 Weeks – 1 Yr

With our second noob on the way this May, I’ve been rereading many of my parenting books with more intensity, attention and renewed trepidation. I feel like I’ve been living in the lap of luxury for the past two years with Noob Baby sleeping an average of 11 hrs at night! Did I just voluntarily sign up to sacrifice all that beauty sleep again?! And by “beauty sleep”… I mean SANITY sleep. I thought this would be the perfect time {Read More}

E.A.S.Y. Schedule for 4-9 Month Olds

I recently blogged about the Baby Whisperer’s E.A.S.Y. schedule for babies under 4 months of age as one option to get your noob on a reasonable routine. However, by 4 months, babies are gradually able to transition into longer wake/activity periods, as well as eat less frequently – around every 4 hours. By getting baby used to eating every 4 hours, you’re also setting her up for an easier transition to sleep through the night (cross your fingers … ah {Read More}

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