Online Resources

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, hop on over to some of these excellent websites for parents:

Baby Center

Ask Dr. Sears

Science of Mom (love this mom’s accessible writing style. And she always backs up her posts with tons of medical citations!)

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom (the best resource for all things Babywise)

Kelly Mom (breastfeeding and more)

Wholesome Baby Food
(make healthy, homemade baby food)

NurtureBaby (more homemade baby food recipes and guidelines)

Signing Baby (teach your noob how to sign)

Baby Sign (a very organized sign language site with clear video demonstrations)

Simple Mom

Simple Kids

iPhone (expansive collection of reviews for iphone/ipod/ipad apps for the little ones)

Best Toys Guide

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio (The mother/daughter team that issues the Oppenheim awards for toys, books, and other kid’s media)

Let’s Explore (learning and play activities for preschoolers)


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