SwaddleDesigns Baby Sleep Bundle Giveaway

Sometimes you just fall in love with a product. In fact, you can’t help but fall in love when it happens to be something that helps your little noob sleep better and longer. Case in point … the SwaddleLite blankets from SwaddleDesigns. I’m definitely smitten.   When NB2.0 was about 4 weeks old, we were able to smoothly transition her from sleeping in our room to her crib. I believe it’s because we swaddled her consistently with our SwaddleDesigns blankets {Read More}

Unforgettable Party Favors With Parker’s Crazy Cookies

With the arrival of NB 2.0 right before Noob Baby’s 4th birthday, we knew that realistically, we’d have to celebrate NB’s birthday with a little less fanfare this year. Luckily, our wonderful family came through as always and took NB to the Happiest Place on Earth. So even though we didn’t have the usual party with bounce houses, hyenas, flying monkeys and a chocolate waterfall … she  still knew it was her super special day. Can you tell by the {Read More}

Guess Who Found My Emotional G-Spot

I just finished reading a book called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I’m a little hesitant to announce this because it clearly reeks of cheese. I’m not a big fan of  “relationship” books, self-help or anything that screams “FIX ME! WEEPY GIRL AHEAD! MAXIPADS!” Ok, that was a little bit of an overblown stereotype. But seriously, if it even smells remotely like Dr. Phil from 10 feet away, I usually run in the opposite direction. However, after giving {Read More}

P90x Review and Giveaway

I’ve been dying to write this product review for a long time now. I’m hosting a giveaway for a product that I have tried, loved and wholeheartedly believe in. I recommend it to all my friends and family, and I think it can transform your body. With summer just around the corner and maybe a swimsuit in your future, this is the perfect time for you to enter this fabulous giveaway. {drumroll please} I present … P-P-P  P90x. During my {Read More}

Do-A-Dot Fun

One of Noob Baby’s favorite art activities is painting with Do-A-Dot markers. We discovered these paint-marker hybrids awhile back in one of her toddler craft classes. I love that these paints are spill proof and require zero setup. Since we do most of our crafting indoors (on our magical Stainmaster carpeting I might add), I’m always looking for art ideas that can be contained in case of disaster. Just give these paint bottles a quick shake and they’re ready to {Read More}

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