Tooth Fairies, Leprechauns and Other Big Lies

Let Me Introduce Myself Hi, I’m Noob Mommy. I used to blog about my two noob babies. Looks like that was over a year ago! Well, let’s see what’s happened since then… oh yeah… I now have a 7-yr-old and a 3-yr-old! What happened to those babies?! My 7-yr-old, whom I shall now call Noob 1.0, just lost her two front teeth… which means …. we get to hear All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth for the next three months. Two {Read More}

Shitzkrieg 2012

That’s what I get for bringing God into it. Clearly, God chose sides today. And he was not rooting for team Mommy. I should’ve known as I was making threats this morning on our way to school that all this punishment talk was going to come back and bite me in the ass. BIG TIME. So let me set the stage here. Noob Baby asked me to make her an egg for breakfast. The egg requests are few and far {Read More}

Noob Mommy’s Guide to Choosing a Preschool

A few days ago, a family member was asking for suggestions on how to find a good quality preschool — one that isn’t just a glorified day care. While it seems there is this debate between choosing a fun preschool or an academic one, there really isn’t any reason why a respectable preschool can’t be both. As a parent, you should expect learning to be exciting and engaging in any school environment. The teacher inside me cringes whenever I hear {Read More}

The Calm Before the Storm aka The One Where I Go Straight to Hell

Judging by the title, you’ve probably figured out how our adventures misadventures of preschool are going. I have to say that I was secretly on the same page with most of you who voted that Noob Baby would be an Adios Mother Effer or “AMFer” as you guys aptly named her in the last blog post, The 3 Kinds of Preschoolers. +1 to reader Ashley, who was the only one who guessed she’d be the Calm Before the Storm! So, {Read More}

The 3 Kinds of Preschoolers

According to Noob Baby’s teacher there are three kinds of first-day preschoolers: The one who marches into class with a grin and a whistle and not one look back (aka Adios Mother Effer). The one who rips the window treatments off the walls and cries enough to break levies (aka The Hurricane). The one who marches into class with a grin and a whistle, and then realizes three weeks later that this ain’t no playdate. Cue The Hurricane. (aka Calm {Read More}

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