Having Fun with Photoshop Elements Actions

Beach Bum

So you’ve read my Camera Confessional. And you might remember my forays in Photoshop Elements. The natural next step would be to show off what I’ve learned, right? Or rather, prove to Noob Daddy that I didn’t just throw all that “investment capital” into a big black hole called Noob Mommy’s Latest Hobby. As luck would have it, I received some really kind and supportive encouragement from a friend today to share some of my Photoshop “creations” here on the blog. {Read More}

My Camera Confessional

A bubbly afternoon

About two weeks ago, I sort of weaseled my way into a “club.” Unfortunately Fortunately, I’m not talking about the kind of club where you have to wear a “dress” cut down to your hoo-ha to get in without a cover AND you have to happen to know the DJ’s cousin’s girlfriend’s nephew’s cousin, Theo. Sorry to disappoint, because now that I think of it, envisioning myself trying to get into one of those clubs would make for a much {Read More}

Keeping Busy to Keep Sanity

Nap poster

Noob Daddy is back at work today after a couple weeks of much much appreciated vacay. And by vacay I mean cleaning and dejunking the house, garage, and a few closets. It feels oh-soooo-good to start fresh and several pounds lighter of clutter. Now if only my tummy could say the same… I hope you all had a beautiful and most decadent holiday. We certainly enjoyed watching Noob Baby open all her gifts from Santa this year. It turns out {Read More}

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