A Celebration of New Parents

I just got back from visiting one of my best friends who recently had a baby. It was a really uplifting experience bonding with my old college roomie on a new level– as mothers. She is someone I admire greatly for her strength, perseverance, compassion and intelligence. While I was there she confided that becoming a mom has been one of the hardest, most exhausting things she’s ever experienced. I was surprised. If she thinks motherhood is hard, then damn, {Read More}

Gerber Turkey Dinner Will Not Send Your Kid to Therapy: Mommy Martyrdom and Homemade Baby Food

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I have some sort of mommy bipolar disorder thing going on. Do you ever feel this way… Like one day I’m June Cleaver Super Mommy on a mission to bake bread, crochet diapers and homeschool all the children on my block. And then, as if someone’s flipped the Jekyll switch, I’m a total Mommy drop out… chain smoking by the side of the house and burning all my cookbooks as I swig Grey Goose from {Read More}

The Latest Version – Noob Baby 2.0

  Meet the newest member of the family … Noob Baby 2.0! Thank you all for the emails and Facebook messages! It’s been a bit of a recovery over here. Labor and delivery was really smooth – 7 hours of getting to the pushing part and < 1 minute of pushing! Actually, my OB said I only pushed through one contraction, which was AMAZING. In fact, I had to make sure I didn’t sneeze or rip one while I was {Read More}

I Interrupt This Post with a Major Announcement

One of my dearest friends had a beautiful baby girl this weekend, and I am beyond thrilled to have this amazing little person in my life. It certainly made for a fantastic Saturday being able to snuggle the precious peanut in all her swaddled up milky glory. I thought I’d send a big Noob Mommy welcome to the newest, most deserving parents who are now officially part of the Noob Parents Club. BWAHAHA! {THE CROWD GOES B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!} WOW!  Let me {Read More}

21 Little Things I Love About Being a Mother

21 Little Things I Love About Being a Mother Closing my eyes and remembering the day I brought a living, breathing, peeing, incredibly punctual being into this world. And of course remembering my OB-GYN say, Damn. That’s a lot of hair. Jumping on the bed together and falling down in a messy, giggly pile… laughing about laughing about laughing. Big toothy grins, slobbery shoulders and infectious laughter. Inhaling Johnson & Johnson purple lotion smell on the smoothest, creamiest baby skin {Read More}

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