Gerber Turkey Dinner Will Not Send Your Kid to Therapy: Mommy Martyrdom and Homemade Baby Food

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I have some sort of mommy bipolar disorder thing going on. Do you ever feel this way… Like one day I’m June Cleaver Super Mommy on a mission to bake bread, crochet diapers and homeschool all the children on my block. And then, as if someone’s flipped the Jekyll switch, I’m a total Mommy drop out… chain smoking by the side of the house and burning all my cookbooks as I swig Grey Goose from {Read More}

Modern Domestic Goddess

Tell me this happens to you all the time. You plan on doing one thing, something that you’re truly excited about, but by the end of the day you’ve completely sabotaged that really amazing idea by doing something that undermines the very nature of the original plan. Well, that’s sort of what happened with this post. I was really excited to write a post about good health, fitness, getting in shape, and losing the proverbial baby weight. Not that I’ve {Read More}

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