Modern Domestic Goddess

Tell me this happens to you all the time. You plan on doing one thing, something that you’re truly excited about, but by the end of the day you’ve completely sabotaged that really amazing idea by doing something that undermines the very nature of the original plan. Well, that’s sort of what happened with this post. I was really excited to write a post about good health, fitness, getting in shape, and losing the proverbial baby weight. Not that I’ve {Read More}

Eating Organic: The Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15

Several months back, I was reading quite a few books on green living and eating and growing organic. It sort of all started out with me going to some local farmer’s markets. There is something incredibly invigorating and charming about strolling through a farmer’s market and being able to sample all the produce that’s in season. I’m one of those people that stands in the produce section at the grocery store banging, shaking, smelling, probing (in kind of an extraterrestrial abduction {Read More}

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