The Latest Version – Noob Baby 2.0


Meet the newest member of the family … Noob Baby 2.0!

Thank you all for the emails and Facebook messages! It’s been a bit of a recovery over here. Labor and delivery was really smooth – 7 hours of getting to the pushing part and < 1 minute of pushing! Actually, my OB said I only pushed through one contraction, which was AMAZING. In fact, I had to make sure I didn’t sneeze or rip one while I was waiting for my OB to show up because NB 2.0 was all systems go on the runway, patiently waiting to get taxi’d in. I didn’t quite believe it until I asked them to roll in the mirror and saw for myself. Head of black hair right there for all to bear witness. By the way, if you’ve never used a mirror during delivery … I highly recommend it… for the shock horror awesome factor alone.

While labor was smooth, I’ve been dealing with what may be mastitis meets plugged ducts meets Pamela Anderson. If you’ve got any tips for dealing with “that whole thing” please do let me know. I asked Noob Daddy to pick up some cabbage for me yesterday (in case you didn’t know, it’s supposed to relieve engorgement), and he came home with some iceberg lettuce :) Gotta love him for the effort.

Noob Baby has been adjusting really well to life with her new lil sis. It’s hilarious watching a 4-yr-old role play mommyhood. She came into the nursery the other day with her baby Cheetah tucked underneath her shirt. I was informed that she was nursing Cheetah. Apparently, Cheetah also had jaundice. Tough luck, Cheetah.

Well, as you can imagine I’ve been pretty backed up with responding to your wonderful comments and emails the past few weeks. I will try my best to get back to everyone a little at a time as I try and figure out my new life with two noobs!




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    Congratulations! Double blessings to the Noob family :) I’m a new mommy too with a two month old, and I stumble upon your blog site ( I was looking for info on the Baby Whisperer’s Sleep Approach, and the blogs you posted were so informative and helpful! especially the charts that you made).  I recently also experienced some cloggd ducts and my husband gave a brilliant idea- just get an empty glass bottle, cylinder in shape ( preferably one shaped with the neck of the bottle being slender and the base wider) and boil some hot water, fill it up about 1/4 of it in, add a some cool water to adjust temp that your comfortable with. Then just use the bottle to massage the areas the breast ( over your shirt) that are hard, going in horizontal strokes. It’s efficient and worked really well for me. Not only does it  warm, but it’s really smooth with the massaging. Hope you feel better and hope this tip helps out. Congrats again, and will definitely  follow up on your blogs :) 

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    Love the pictures and so nice to get a little update! :) Miss you and Noob baby and can’t wait to meet the newest member soon! Love you guys!

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    Love it!  When my second son was born and I was trying to BF him, my three year old son sat down next to me, pulled up his shirt and brought his bear right up to his nipple and said “it’s time for me to feed my baby”.  Too cute!  Best of luck with everything!

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    Congratulations!!! Your two noobs are adorable. Congrats to Noob Baby on being a great big sis!

    As for clogged duct/mastitis, the recommendations I got were hot showers, massaging said boob, nurse nurse nurse, Tylenol, and yes, cabbage (we froze ours to make breast-sicles). If all else fails, call in the hubby to help (because he has better suction than the baby). How pleasant for him, eh? Good luck!

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    Congratulations! The pictures of the girls are adorable. I love sisters! My recommendation is to pump after feedings to help drain the breasts.

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    Congrats on everything and most of all breastfeeding! Try following The Leaky B@@b on facebook.

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