P90x Review and Giveaway

I’ve been dying to write this product review for a long time now. I’m hosting a giveaway for a product that I have tried, loved and wholeheartedly believe in. I recommend it to all my friends and family, and I think it can transform your body. With summer just around the corner and maybe a swimsuit in your future, this is the perfect time for you to enter this fabulous giveaway.

{drumroll please}

I present … P-P-P  P90x.

During my 30 Day Fitness Challenge, I was fortunate to have scored this wonderful giveaway opportunity from fellow mom and Beachbody coach, Angela Worth. All that sweat and cursing paid off! More about Angela and how you can share the love and enter the giveaway below.

If you haven’t heard of P90x before from either Oprah, P!nk or on the Good Early Morning Today Show (I swear they all have the same name), then I’m honored to be the one to set up this P90x meet-cute for you. By the way, let me just say that I’m not a Beachbody coach and I wasn’t paid to write this review nor did I receive any free products. I’m just a crazy groupie who wants you to win this program for free. P90x is a 90 day workout program with a serious cult following and for good reason. In fact, I have eight really good reasons why you need to be raptured by this cult today.

8 Reasons Why P90x is the Best Home Fitness Program


1.  It’s a complete workout system

I’ve tried a ton of workout videos, and you know how much I love all things Jillian Michaels. But after all is said and done, the five pounds I lost and one inch of belly fat I ditched during my 30 Day Fitness Challenge do not compare to the results I saw after my post-pregnancy P90x phase. Sure P90x is 90 grueling days, so it’s not exactly apples to apples. However, you will push yourself much much further with P90x right off the bat. It will train every part of your body using 12 DVDs which include cardio, strength, and abs. P90x is famous for its “muscle confusion” fitness strategy. By switching your workout everyday and then reorganizing your workouts from week-to-week, your muscles (and weight loss) don’t have the chance to plateau. P90x is also great for those of you (smugly pointing to self) who get bored with the same workout videos and exercises. You will workout six days a week but target different muscles each day using a different DVD each day. So don’t worry about overtraining the same muscles or being sore the next day.

2.  Includes a nutrition plan and adaptable 90 day workout calendar

P90x comes with a nutrition plan/recipe booklet and detailed workout calendar. I’ll admit that nutrition plans are my least favorite part of getting in shape. Even though I didn’t adhere to the nutrition plan, I was able to use the booklet as a guideline for how many calories I should consume each day, as well as some healthy smoothie/snack ideas.

The workout timeline is fantastic. It is adaptable to all fitness levels and goals. For example, I adhered to the regular training schedule, but there is a doubles option (for crazy people who want to workout twice a day) or the cardio option for those interested in cardio workouts more than strength training. I appreciate that the fine people at Beachbody have done all the planning and thinking for me. I’m busy enough trying to break in my 3 year old.

3.   Set your own personal goals

This reminds me of my teaching days. I remember always setting goals and benchmarks with my students each day, week, trimester, etc. It’s the same thing with P90x. You keep track of your own progress and basically try to outdo yourself. You can download goal-keeping worksheets from Beachbody’s website to coordinate with the strength workouts. Watching my military push up count go from 0.3 to 2 by the end of 90 days is something only I could truly appreciate. Also, P90x has you take photos and really detailed body measurements when you start and every 30 days thereafter. So when you feel discouraged, you see the results on paper and in photos … albeit really awkward photos.

4.  It’s a highly effective gym substitution for non-gym junkies

If you’re the person wandering around the gym pretending you know what the hell you’re doing while giving the shifty eye to everyone else, then this program belongs on your shelf (pointing to self). I’m no stranger to sitting down at some scary medieval torture device looking weight machine wondering where on God’s good earth my legs go or why they’re being stretched out so far even Jenna Jameson would blush. Not cool. Oh yeah, and when I walk up to adjust the pin on the weights from 150 lb. to 5 lb., also not so sexy. Even I, Noob Mommy, have an image I’m trying to project protect here.

Tony Horton (the creator of P90x) does a really great job at explaining each move (especially all the ones using weights) and pointing out how your posture should be. He frequently reminds you to watch your form and what that means exactly. There are advanced and “easy” modifications for every skill level, and modifications using resistance bands (in case you’re not using the chin up bar or hand weights).

5.  You’ll get toned. You’ll get buff. But you won’t become the Hulk.

This is for the women specifically. There are still tons of women out there who think lifting any weights over 5 lb will transform you into the Hulk. Unless you’re chugging whey protein from a Camelbak, it’s probably safe to say your cleavage is, well, safe. You’re going to see your arms shape up. I actually earned myself some guns and couldn’t help but say the gun show line over and over again. When you start doing all kinds of Navy SEAL push ups, or when you do your first pull up, you’re going to know that P90x paid off.

6.  It’s a fitness program you AND the hubby can bitch about appreciate.

Do a YouTube search for P90x and see how many testimonial videos come up from both men and women. P90x is no joke. It’s 90 days of 1+ hour workouts for 6 days a week. There’s pull ups, push ups, chin ups, weights, abs, yoga, kenpo, plyometrics, and much more. It’s not a workout your husband will be embarrassed to do with you. In fact, Noob Daddy and I did this together and it was a strangely fun way for us to spend time together every night after Noob Baby went to sleep. This is one fitness program where I highly highly recommend a workout buddy. Like I said … cult following. Once you’ve put in your 90 days, you’re part of the survivors club, baby.

7.  User-Friendly DVDs

I’m still surprised when I pop in another workout DVD where I’m forced to watch ads, or I can’t fast forward, or there aren’t any options to mute the annoying voices and/or music. Luckily, Beachbody isn’t trying to trap you in this DVD purgatory. There are all kinds of options to mute, keep instructions only, get rid of music, etc. Noob Daddy and I love all the cheesy self-deprecating Tony Horton humor in each DVD, but I know there’s a whole group of people who would rather do without all the corny jokes. And finally, my favorite part – the scrolling time bar!! Why isn’t this in every workout video? As soon as minute one has started, I am spazzing out trying to figure out when the misery will end. When I work out, I’m totally lost in this time-space void. I have no idea if 5 minutes have passed or 45 minutes. Countdown timer = sanity.

8.  Supportive Fans & Coaches

I know I’ve beat this horse to a bloody pulp, but I’ll say it again … P90x has a serious following. If you’ve got questions, brags, or miserable complaints, there are many others out there in the Beachbody forums or on the Facebook page who will support you. I’m a Facebook fan and admittedly look forward to the little tips, Hortonisms, and motivational videos that get posted.

And of course this leads me to the coaches. I haven’t connected with a Beachbody coach until now, but I’m so happy Angela has offered to giveaway P90x to a Noob Mommy reader. Not only is she a busy mom who finds time to help others get healthy, but she’s a Noob Mommy reader as well! I know Angela would love to answer any P90x or Beachbody questions you may have.

So now that I’ve given you 8 really good reasons why you need P90x STAT, here is the lowdown on the giveaway:

  • To enter: Share the P90x love by liking Angela’s Beachbody Facebook page. Then come back here and leave me a comment telling me you did and why you want to use P90x.
  • For an additional entry: Visit Angela’s website and leave me a comment about another Beachbody product that you’d love to try (mention this as a separate comment)
  • Another additional entry: Subscribe to my blog either via email or RSS feed (mention this as a separate comment)
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One winner will be randomly selected by random.org to win the P90x Home Fitness program. I will notify the winner via email at the close of giveaway. If I do not receive a response back within 48 hours of notification, another winner will be selected (please use an email you actually check when submitting your comment).

Giveaway closes on Sunday, May 29th at 9:00 pm PST.




  1. 110

    I did it, I ordered p90x! The combination of your review and a close friend on mine’s recommendation (she used it to lose 20 lbs post baby) pushed me to buy it! It should arrive in the next week. Bring on the pain!

    • 111

      Congrats Dana! I hope you love the program. For sure you’ll hate it, but I hope you love it (the results) as well! If you need some support, come back here and share. I know it’s grueling and it can be easy to throw in the towel early on. If you can stick with it for 90 days, you will see amazing results! Best of luck!

  2. 112

    Last but not least, I can’t Tweet b/c I’m not on Twitter…but I can “tweet” in real life by telling people about the blog, the workout, and the post!

  3. 113
    Heather Bennett says:

    Last but not least, I can’t Tweet b/c I’m not on Twitter…but I can “tweet” in real life by telling people about the blog, the workout, and the post!

  4. 114
    Heather Bennett says:

    And, I shared the link to your post/blog on my FB page.

  5. 115
    Heather Bennett says:

    I already am subscribed to your blog :)

  6. 116
    Heather Bennett says:

    I went to Angela’s website, and the TurboFire workout sounds like fun!

  7. 117
    Heather Bennett says:

    I want the P90X for all of the reasons you mentioned, and because I need something to get me in shape for my wedding in a year!!

  8. 118

    And lastly, I tweeted it :)

  9. 119

    I shared on FB, too!

  10. 120

    I visited Angela’s site, too, and Body Gospel is super interesting to me!

  11. 121

    I subscribed to your blog, too!

  12. 122

    I liked Angela’s FB page!
    Love your blog–found it on a hunt to get my 4mo sleeping! It’s giving me the confidence (and humor) to start Ferber tomorrow! Plus I’ve heard great stuff about P90X and would love a go at it!!

  13. 123
    Courtney says:

    And shared the link on FB :-)

  14. 124
    Courtney says:

    I subscribed to your blog!

  15. 125
    Courtney says:

    I have also had my eye on TurboJam

  16. 126
    Courtney says:

    I LIKE Angela’s FB page!! I desperately need a workout program! I am a mother of 2, ages almost 3 and almost 1 and havent worked out since the day before my oldest was born!! Between the kids and working full time I don’t have time to get to the gym. I need an at home program!

  17. 127
    Catrina says:

    I also tweeted about this.

  18. 128
    Catrina says:

    I facebooked this also!

  19. 129
    Catrina says:

    I subscribed to your blog

  20. 130
    Catrina says:

    Another product I like and haven’t tried is Turbo

  21. 131
    Catrina says:

    I liked Angela’s page. I use Chalene and am ready to mix it up.

  22. 132

    Shared it on Facebook! I love Facebook, too!!

  23. 133

    Visited Angela’s website, and I would definitely try Brazil Butt Lift. How could you resist that awesome name? :)

  24. 134

    Liked Angela’s Facebook page.

  25. 135

    Love your blog! I subscribed!

  26. 136

    I would definitely be interested in trying Brazil Butt Lift. Anything with cool music has to be fun, right?

  27. 137

    Nice FB page. Appreciate the lifestyle tips. I definitely want to try P90 to boost my energy levels and get toned.

  28. 138

    Whoops! Forgot to say why I want to try it – because I’m preggie again, and worried I won’t bounce back without help – and I have a family member who’s a DEVOTED P90X user.

  29. 139

    As for another product I’d like – the Shakeology – The Workout set. Cool.

  30. 140

    I actually just reopened my twitter today, and that’s convenient, because now I’ve just tweeted this post!

  31. 141

    I’m already a subscriber to this blog! :)

  32. 142

    I “liked” Angela’s FB page

  33. 143
    Kristin says:

    I just shared this on my FB page.

  34. 144
    Kristin says:

    I am subscribed to Noob Mommy!

  35. 145
    Kristin says:

    I visited her website and wouldn’t mind trying the Shakeology. A couple of people at work I know drink it and really like it.

  36. 146
    Kristin says:

    I just liked Angela’s fb page. I want to try P90X because I’ve heard from a million people it works …. but I’m afraid – very very afraid. :)

  37. 148
    Stephanie says:

    Posted on facebook…feeling optimistic! Now I need to get off the couch and workout…all this reading and talking about fitness is making me feel guilty!!!

  38. 149
    Stephanie says:

    I already subscribe to this AWESOME blog…I am so envious of your great writing skills!

  39. 150
    Stephanie says:

    After browsing the Beachbody website, I am curious about the Turbo Jam and the Shakeology. I have seen the shake tools at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (the mecca of all things great) and it looks so silly…have you tried this? That could be something easy to use that can tone arms and help with the core I’m thinking.

    • 151
      Kristin says:

      ha ha – Shakeology is a drink. You may be thinking of the slightly pornographic Shake Weight!

  40. 152
    Stephanie says:

    I liked Angela’s facebook page. You look AMAZING and if P90X is as wonderful as you say it is, then I know I want to jump on this bandwagon!!!

  41. 153
    MIsty Weekley says:

    I suscribed to your blog as well

  42. 154
    MIsty Weekley says:

    I shared you FB page on my page as well

  43. 155
    MIsty Weekley says:

    I liked your FB page. I have been wanting to try p90x for awhile I lost 50 lbs over the last year and would like to tone up now that I have lost the weight. I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred but would like something that really works me out.

  44. 156

    Hi I liked the page for your contest! I would LOVE a P90X video system to help lose some baby weight. After months of bedrest and months in the hospital with my baby since I have Bern unable to lose the weight I gained!

  45. 157
    Alexandra says:

    Checked out angel as page and the product I would like to try is the slim and shake system, with the shakes and then the follow ip workouts, seems like a grat easy way to incorporate nutrition to the workout weightless goal!

  46. 158
    Alexandra says:

    Tweeted it on my twitter!

  47. 159
    Alexandra says:

    Shared the blog post on my Facebook!

  48. 160
    Alexandra says:

    Oops that should say angela.
    I am already subscribed to your blog, have been since your baby (and my first) were just tiny little noobs.
    I love reading your blog and am always excited about it when there is a new post in my e mail!

  49. 161
    Alexandra says:

    Liked qngelas fb page and left her a comment. I really want to try out p90x cuz I have heard great things about it from you and others and I want something that I can actually see results with.

  50. 162

    just tweeted! {or is it twittered?}

  51. 163

    that brazil butt lift looks awesome. because who doesn’t want a perkier butt?

  52. 164

    i subscribe to your blog via email and look forward to all of your posts.

  53. 165

    i just liked her facebook page! and i would love to win P90X because i, myself, am about to enter the noob mom world. i am SO out of shape and need to get my butt in gear when the baby comes.

  54. 166

    I would also love to try Angela’s turbofire video that I saw on the website…

  55. 167

    I also am a subscriber to your blog!

  56. 168

    I liked Angela’s FB page too! I mostly rely on cardio and liked a post you had a while ago about not just doing running. This would help me get going when my noob naps…

  57. 169
    jessica says:

    I’m a subscriber to Noob Mommy too. :)

  58. 170
    jessica says:

    I liked Angela’s FB page. I have been wanting to try this for some time now and really would like to give this a shot for my post baby bod!

  59. 171
    Lindsey E says:

    I am a subscriber to Noob Mommy :)

  60. 172
    Lindsey E says:

    I visited Angelas website, and I would love to try Shakeology- i know a few people doing it, and they love it!

  61. 173

    I think I would like to try Brazil Butt Lift, although Shakeology is a close second.

  62. 174

    I am an email subscriber to your blog.

  63. 175

    I shared on Twitter.

  64. 176

    I shared on FB.

  65. 177

    I liked Angela’s beach body. I would like to use P-90x to have more definition.

  66. 178

    Just checked out Angela’s website and I can’t choose one… either shakeology to try out or the brazilian butt lift dvds!!

  67. 179

    I just subscribed to your blog!

  68. 180
    Kelly O says:

    I think I would also like to try TurboFire.

  69. 181

    I liked Angela’s facebook page. I would LOVE the P90x so I can loose my baby weight. It came off so easy with my 22 month old daguther, but this time around it is def harder! My son is 7 weeks old and I am ready to have my body back :)

  70. 182
    Kelly O says:

    I would love to try P90X. I have an 18 month old and a 5 year old… and lots of extra weight I would like to get rid of. I need something new to motivate me to get back in shape and lose some weight and it sounds like the kind of program I need. I also like Angela’s FB.

  71. 183

    I am most interested I think in the shakeology! (It’s hard to pick one!)

  72. 184

    I’m a suscriber by email, I love your blog!

  73. 185

    I have already subscribed by email and love it. I really enjoyed the 30 day fitness challenge and have enjoyed reading your other posts.

  74. 186
    Melisa Hadinger says:

    Though I have had a Twitter account for years, this was my first Tweet!!! =0)

  75. 187
    Lindsey E says:

    I like Angela’s Beachbody Facebook page

  76. 188

    shared on FB

  77. 189
    Melisa Hadinger says:

    I shared this post on my Facebook Wall.

  78. 190
    Melisa Hadinger says:

    And I have already subscribed to your blog and LOVE it. I get a good laugh every time.

  79. 191
    Melisa Hadinger says:

    I looked at Angela’s website and I would like to try TurboFire!

  80. 192
    Melisa Hadinger says:

    Hello Noob Mommy!

    I “Liked” Angela’s Beachbody Facebook Page. The reason I want the P90x program is to become healthy again. Almost a year ago I went in for the so-called-simple gall bladder surgery. Well, it didn’t go as planned. My bile duct was severed and it took 3 more surgeries to “fix” me. Keep in mind that I had an 18 month old and a newborn at home. A two week stay in the hospital almost did me in. It was horrible and the worst time of my life. As a result of all that my body is not in the best shape. I have gained strength, but want to work on my core and gain muscle. My girls are now 1 and 2 and my wish is to be able to keep up with them. I believe the P90x program will enable me to do so.

    Thank you for listening to my story.

    Take care,

  81. 193
    Jackie f says:

    I shared on FB

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    Jackie f says:

    I subscribe to your blog

  83. 195
    Jackie f says:

    I would love to try Shakeology

  84. 196
    Jackie f says:

    I liked Angela’s FB page

  85. 197

    Visited the website. Can’t decide between Brazil Butt Lift and Shakeology

  86. 198

    I just liked Angela’s FB page. I would really like to get this to lose the baby weight. Still have a long way to go.

  87. 199
    Elizabeth says:

    Hey there…I just liked Angela’s FB page. I have recently lost about 15 lbs on WW and have been walking a few days a week…while I am feeling a lot better about the way I look lately I realize that childbirth and nursing two babies completely thrashed my tummy and my boobs…anything to help me firm up would be fabulous!

  88. 200
    Elizabeth says:

    Hey there…I just liked Angela’s FB page. I have recently lost about 15 lbs on WW and have been walking a few days a week…while I am feeling a lot better about the way I look lately I realize that childbirth and nursing two babies completely thrashed by tummy and my boobs…andything to help me firm up would be fabulous!

  89. 201

    I subscribe to your blog via email!

  90. 202

    And I tweeted it up!

  91. 203

    Shared on FB

  92. 204

    I took a look at Angela’s website and I’d love to try TurboFire! There have been lots of infomercials lately…but it actually looks pretty fun!

  93. 205

    Suscribed to your blog via google reader!

  94. 206

    I want to try shakeology!

  95. 207

    I liked Angela’s FB page! I’d love to do P90X because I’m lost trying to set up and stick to my own work out routine.

  96. 208

    I liked Angela’s FB page. I’d love try PX90 to loose the baby fat! I had a baby 3 1/2 months ago and haven’t really lost anything yet (minus the baby)…

  97. 209

    subscribed via email

  98. 210

    shared on FB

  99. 211
    Stacy Lewellyn says:

    Entry 5: I posted on my twitter!

  100. 212
    Stacy Lewellyn says:

    Entry 4: I shared this giveaway on my facebook page

  101. 213
    Stacy Lewellyn says:

    Entry 3: I subscribed to your blog via Google reader

  102. 214
    Stacy Lewellyn says:

    Entry 2: I would love to try Shakeology. I have actually reserched this product before. I know of someone that uses it and she is full of energy and happy which allows her the mental ability to do a good workout which in turn fuels her body and mind. That’s a cycle I’d love to get stuck in!

  103. 215
    Stacy Lewellyn says:

    entry 1: I liked Angela’s Beachbody page. I want to try P90x because I’ve heard good things about it. I want to loose weight and get in shape to set an example for my children. All 5 of them.

  104. 216

    I definitely liked the FB page and I would love to win this! I have had 3 kids in 4 years and I am struggling regain control of my weight and body image.

  105. 217
    Rebecca R says:

    Looking at the products on Angela’s website I would like to the Shakeology product.

  106. 218
    Rebecca R says:

    I liked Angela’s page on Facebook. I would love to win the p90x as I’ve heard so many good things about it. I’m working on getting to a healthier weight after having 2 kids (both c sections) and am trying to get into better shape. I want to be a good example for my kids and try to feel better about myself and less self conscious, especially about my weight. This workout set would definitely help me in my weight loss/get in shape journey.

  107. 219
    Rachael Henry says:

    I liked you and Angela’s Beach Body on FB!!

  108. 220
    Rachael Henry says:

    I SO want this for myself and my husband! He has just left active Army life and isn’t doing PT everyday and of course, I now have a post-baby belly that has seen 3 babies, tons of weight gained and lost, and tons of muscle just obliterated by surgery (2 c sections and many others)…

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