Having Fun with Photoshop Elements Actions

So you’ve read my Camera Confessional.

And you might remember my forays in Photoshop Elements.

The natural next step would be to show off what I’ve learned, right? Or rather, prove to Noob Daddy that I didn’t just throw all that “investment capital” into a big black hole called Noob Mommy’s Latest Hobby.

As luck would have it, I received some really kind and supportive encouragement from a friend today to share some of my Photoshop “creations” here on the blog. I’m going to have to let you guys be the judge…

Beach Bum
My how time flies…

Can't get enough sticks and leaves!

Birdy Bench

The birdhouse bench in our backyard. Reminds me of a postcard (that survived a cat fight).


From our visit to the fire station.

Clearly, I’ve been processing and playing around with Photoshop to vintage-fy these photos. I’m really enjoying this look and feel at the moment, but I do hope to actually learn enough about my camera to take some great photos without all the editing.

For those of you interested, I’ve been playing around with Photoshop Actions (I use Photoshop Elements 7). The Pioneer Woman offers her legendary PW Actions, and I also stumbled upon these drool-worthy actions at Flora Bella Collections.

Ok, so here’s the million dollar question. Are these photographs enough to convince Noob Daddy that I didn’t chuck our money into a black hole?? Is there a glorious future ahead? Or am I on the road to ruins? You tell me.





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    alexandra says:

    great job! the hubs has been pestering me to learn photoshop so i can help him with web design, but these are great! maybe ill check out ps so i can beautify pics of my newbies.
    i think nood daddy should be convinced, plus you are only going to get better!

  2. 7

    I love it! They look great :)

  3. 8

    Great photos! I think you’ve really mastered the vintage vibe. I especially love the birdhouse one – it looks like something you would’ve seen in the 50s :)

  4. 9

    I love the photos. You have inspired me to look into photoshop. Keep doing the great work. I would like to know what camera do you use? And do you have an advise how I start practising with photoshop? My daughter is 2 years old and I have been taking lots of photos of her. I would like to try the photoshop.

    • 10

      Shunyu – Thanks for your comment! I just got the Nikon D3100 and am really enjoying it. There are many DSLR cameras that rank with this type – Nikon 5000, Canon Rebel T1i, T2 and I think there may be another just released. As far as Photoshop goes, I use Photoshop Elements 7 which is like PS, but more “compact” – not as many features. At the moment, there are enough features in PSE alone to keep my mind boggled … so I’m not even worried about not having PS. I took a class through our city which was somewhat helpful in learning basic fixes for my photos (levels, color variations, hues, etc, some of the basic tools) but I’ve honestly learned a lot just by playing around with it to work on the blog. Also, you can learn so much through Photoshop blogs, websites, youtube and books from the library. I think having some sort of photo editing software (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Picasa, Picnik, etc) will really do a lot to make your images more beautiful! Good luck and let me know how your progress goes … as I am a photo noob myself :)

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