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I’ve been pulling my hair out lately trying to figure out what in the world to feed the Noob. I know this sounds silly, but I’ve “heard” through the “grapevine” that some of our friends’ babies have already started eating real adult table food.

And don’t even get me started on the transition from the bottle to cup. I think Noob will be drinking Chardonnay out of her bottle 20 years from now.

So why does the feeding thing make me jealous nervous?? I never had crawl-envy or walk-envy. But food-envy… guilty as charged.

Each day is like a new taste-test experiment. Here are some of my findings:

Green beans: Fail
Carrots: Fail
Bananas: Win
Chicken: Fail-Win
Cheese: Fail
Toast: Win-Fail
Peas: Fail-Win
Nachos: Win

I’d say about 98.999% of what the Noob actually eats ends up in her mouth. Which leaves me to wonder, is she going to shrivel up like a mini Calista Flockhart? Because trust me, a big bobblehead on those chicken legs is definitely going to look creepy.

Oh, but don’t worry about ME dear readers. I’m certainly gaining a healthy grossly exorbitant amount of weight eating up all her leftovers. And mind you… whole milk cheese, yogurts, etc. is the *perfect* diet for squeezing into my pre-pregnancy bikini AND “slightly snug” bridesmaid dress I’m supposed to wear in 3 weeks. *insert snorting snicker sound*

Ok, so if any of you are also worried about how much your TODDLER should be eating (after calculating the amount that ends up on the floor), I found this visual chart in Fields and Brown’s Toddler 411 book to be reassuring.

Toddlers eat about 1/4 of an adult serving size
  • 1 serving of meat = 4 marbles
  • 1 serving of chopped fruits/veggies = 3 dominoes
  • 1 serving of cooked pasta/rice = a ping pong ball
  • 1 serving of cheese = 2 dice
  • 1 serving of juice = a shot glass

Now I don’t feel like the Noob is starving. She’s just fasting.


Although not specifically stated in the book, the serving guide is for each meal, with a toddler eating 3 meals a day and 2 snack times in between. Since there is no official food pyramid from the government for children under the age of 2, the authors offer the above examples as a basic comparison. Visit if you’d like to see adult serving recommendations or see a Food Pyramid for Preschoolers (2-5 yrs).

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    Man…where’d I go wrong? My son eats more some days then I do…and I’m not a lean eater by any stretch of the imagination! (Thank goodness for fast metabolisms!) Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining about having a good eater-but I think I have the opposite problem! I wonder if I over feed my son-though I think he would call in the calvery if I took any food away from him! Guess there’s those at all ends of every spectrum!

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    Noob Mommy says:

    I updated the post with my belief that this is for an entire day. So a toddler could be eating about 4 marble sizes of meat a day. FYI, I’ve emailed the author for a more definitive answer. Hopefully she’ll respond. Otherwise, check for a Food Pyramid for adults and just 1/4 each food group. It seems about right that way. I’ll update if I’m wrong :) hehe

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    Alexandra says:

    wait so a toddler size meat is 4 marbles or thats adult size and theirs is 1 marble.
    weve had to cut back on our 32oz per day formula habit so that my little mokey is hungry enough to eat regular food.
    the doctor asked how much he was drinking and she was like geez he should be down to around 24oz hes just not hungry. so we cut out one bottle and now have food then bottle instead of bottle first. hes eating much better but i still feel like hes not eating enough, this post makes me feel better. hes at least getting a couple whole servings of fruit and veggies per day.

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