First Time For Everything

Last night, we ventured for the first time into the wonderful world of semi-solids! Noob Baby had her first taste of rice cereal, and clearly, it wasn’t crazzzy delicious.

As she sat there gagging on her gruel, I was thinking fondly about this being her first “meal.” She also just recently got her first two teeth. And, she had rolled over and slept on her tummy for the first time a few weeks ago.

In fact, the beautiful and exciting thing about being a noob baby is that everything is going to be a First! Life is fresh and there are so many possibilities and things to be accomplished.

Over the weekend, Noob Daddy’s grandpa commented on how it would be great to be a baby again. While, I’m not so sure about chillin in diapers and wearing a dorky bib…it would be pretty freakin awesome to wear onesies and foot-pajamas all the time. And how about getting pushed around in a stroller while you take a nap between rides at Disneyland?! Her playplace and jumperoo isn’t too bad either…much better than a lame cubicle. Lay down and play with all your gadgets or jump around and play with all your gadgets. Then, when you get tired of playing, throw a BF (b@%!$ fit) and get put down for a nap.

But, despite all those perks, I guess the best part of being a baby is having all those Firsts. And I thought, we need to go out searching for First-Times now that they don’t just fall into our laps anymore. Think about the last time you had a first this or first that? Probably been awhile.

In fact, starting this blog is my most recent first. And, it ain’t too shabby learning something new. So, my goal will be to seek out new skills, new thrills, and new firsts. Care to join me? I would love to hear about any new Firsts you’ve had recently!


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    Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I, personally, would love to be a baby again:

    crap yourself and be okay with it, eat and drink until you puke then sleep it all off, repeat.

  2. 5

    That nap thing is definitely pretty cool. I’d tolerate poop in my diaper just so I could plunk down anytime anywhere for some zzz’s. I have pics of my son’s first meal (it was the same thing your baby had). The look on his face (WTF is this, mom and dad!?) is priceless.

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    Since you’re a SAHM, why don’t you consider making her food? It’s really easy, try the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron for (way too much) information. Great stuff about timing different foods and lots of recipes, although a bit zealous at times. Anyway, you don’t have to start with cereal – it’s gross and super-constipating. You could mashed bananas or avocados, or cooked and pureed pears or apples, instead.

    Cute blog, waiting with baited breath for your ferberizing attempts!


  4. 7

    So true- the new first are exciting, even for us grown-ups.

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